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Our Activities

Mahila Bachat Group

The Self Help Group(SHG) works in the Parner and Shrigonda Tahasil. ding to the Govt. rule, after six months from the date of establishment of SHG, the first evaluation takes place to carry forward the groups. In Parner Tahasil, 243 eligible Groups have loans from the banks with the help of our Organization. Most of the groups through these schemes have given their proposals for various occupations like Goat Rearing, Dairy, farming, etc. Apart from these occupations, some groups have selected occupations like Hotels, Catering, Goni Bag making, ClothStore, Fruit and Vegetables Stores. Some of the groups have taken permission from the Government and started the occupation like Agro Service Center, Pre-primary nourishment, Kerosene stalls, and Rationing Stores, etc.

Training for Mahila Bachat Group

The responsibility of establishing groups and training of the groups is given to the Organization by District Rural Development Agency, Ahmednagar. The organization conducts six different types of training programs for the groups to make them perfect.  1) Basic education, 2) Leadership Development Training; 3) Bookkeeping Training; 4) Participatory monitoring and Evaluation training; 5) Entrepreneurship Awareness Training; 6) Skill Development Training.


Organizations are working for the Promotion and linkage of 100 SHGs in 10 Villages from the Parner Block of Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Still today 100+ SHGs saving linkage completed, 92 SHG’s credit linkage with bank completed.

Women SHGs Income Generation Activity

The organization working for Rural Women through SHGs Groups. The organization has given various types of income generation programs just like Agarbatti making unit, Garments Unit, Masala making unit, Paper Bag making Unit, Bull Ghungar mal making unit.

Women Counseling Centre Parner

The Organization got recognition in 2006 by Zilha Parishad Ahmednagar and Maharashtra state women commission to run the women-counseling center. In the first year, the meetings were arranged in the rural areas and the problems of women like dowry victims, rapes, economical inequality, etc were discussed. As a success of this, in the second year, 210 cases were registered in the women counseling center, and among them, 160 cases were successfully solved by the center and 18 cases forwarded to the judicial court. In the third year, most of the cases are solved in the center itself. A Committee of two 

counselors, including a lawyer and one Organization representative, is formed. Counselors visit home, and get information through an interaction family, and present it before the committee.

About Us

Rural Development And Research Centre, situated at Parner, in Ahmednagar district was established on 18th July 1989.

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Shivpushp, At-post- Parner, Taluka- Parner, Dist.- Ahmednagar, Pin- 414302

+91 9423789063